I designed the newspage For Avengers Alliance, a turn based RPG facebook game. The layout is a very organized way to highlight featured monetized item, recent news, and events to help players get started.
I tried to make sure every screen was very modeler so it can be reorganized easily and extendable.

Designed combat HUD and targeting click flow.

I helped with the layout and asset creation for the mission select page.

Laid out and animated the final score screen.

Helped iron out flow of the Flight Deck,
Which contains several key monetization and viral features.

Designed and created assets for the main purchase screen.
Worked remotely with the monetization team in HQ.

A very simple collections interface for the game, Fanglies, a cute town builder game on facebook.
Players can either turn in completed collections for a reward or create a wish list to ask friends for help.

Designed a passive pop up (toast) that does not get in the player's way.
Players can choose to interact with it or to ignore it.

Conceptualized and designed this blueprint-esque pop up to show players how to build the diner.

The first game I worked on. I primarily worked on the UX. Because space was very limited,
I helped create a way to toggle the hint panel on the right to display different pertinent information.

Closer view of the hint panel changes between Loot, Cheat sheet and Help.

One of the games main viral feature. Collecting things and gifting items to friends.

The mobile sequel to our hit facebook game. I added 2 prominent orange shortcuts
on the main menu to help players quickly resume missions.

Next to every mission node, there are brief info of what
the combat will be so players can quickly at a glance compare choices.

A simple load screen, giving out useful hints.

Revamp of the store. Much more organized. This helps player find what they want
and helps increase revenue.

The in combat menu controls the autoplay settings.

Hero profile.

Empowering the Hero. This is where you level up your heroes.

Hero Trials. This is where you increase the star ratings of your heroes and abilities.

Variations of 'Quests' wireframes.

Wireframes for the different quest types.

Variations of 'Powering Up' wireframes.

Wireframes for the different Combat Types.

SWORD is the space counter part to SHIELD. Made this faux logo for fun.

This is why the letters are laid out the way they are.
Design should be thought out, not random.

Designed a logo for a friend's snowboarding group. The N and W are carved into the mountains.

I even designed them a style guide.
Nothing too serious, but we should try to uphold the integrity of any mark.

All the angles of this logo are the same. Creating unity in all the parts.
And some other initial ideas.

Created this simple but cleaver logo for Dj Bouncy.
His initials are also his headphones.

This is the fun and loving valentines version of his logo for his yearly v-day mixes.

This logo was for UW's computer labs admin system.

Exploring face shapes. Went with the first one; Smart and serious.

My version of the convention dance flyer. Modern meets traditional.

Close up of the traditional Japanese fish scale texture I used.

The simple grid that organized everything.

Teamed up with an artist to create the flyer. Using her art, I laid out this playful design.

Made a faux poster to be advertised at our new game's Time Square. This was a lot of fun.

Grid exercise. Faux posters to promote the Marvel tv series.

Close up of Iron Fist

The simple grid that organized everything. All the posters use this grid.

DareDevil is a fun 2 part poster.

Jessica Jones and Luke cage

In a game of werewolf that I was a part of, players die in many
gruesome ways. So I decided to capture the deaths in jars.

This project consists of combining photos of
several jars, red hair dye and a lot of wasted food.

A music player concept. The duration of the track is a radial fill bar around the disc.

Dragging the disc larger increases the volume.

Every month we would release a new 'lockbox'
I had to theme it according to the character it rewards.

These are the black versions of Iso-8. My knowledge of blacklights was very helpful.

A set of icons made for facebook viral events. Yes, these are those spammy posts
you would see back in the day :P

The opening animation of the 'Lockbox'.

In the past few years of the game, I've made hundreds of newspage items.
I think this one is my favorite. I love the simplicity of the colors and shapes.

A prototype of how to open mutlitple random prizes. It's a delicate
balance of cool animations and speediness of getting the rewards.

A prototype of how to open a single random prize.

A click flow and animation sequence of how a hologram map unfolds itself.